Quality policy of AVANTI Language Services b.v.

The policy of AVANTI Language Services aims to position the company as a modern organisation, in which effectiveness (including speed, but also continuous quality control), customer service and adaptability are key.

More concretely, the quality policy covers the following areas:

I. Substantive quality control

  1. Projects are only accepted if high quality standards can be guaranteed by using translators and correctors with the necessary expertise.
  2. For the processing of projects, only freelancers are used who deliver consistent quality. They are monitored by means of a feedback chain: the corrector gives feedback about the translator, the editor gives feedback about the corrector (and the translator), the client gives feedback about the final product, so about the work of the translator, the corrector and the editor.

II. Reliability

  1. Deadlines may never be exceeded. When determining the scheduling of a project, a safety margin is always incorporated.
  2. The entire service must be characterised by consistency. That means:
    • Consistent use of the same teams (translator + corrector + editor) for the same accounts
    • Use of client-specific terminology lists, style guides and glossaries

III. Flexibility

All internal and external staff must be prepared – insofar as possible – to fulfil the client’s wishes, even if these do not fall within the framework of the standard service. For example:

  • Delivery outside office hours
  • Special processing requirements (formats, lay-out, text edits, etc.)
  • Associated/additional services (for example, collecting apostilles from the court, providing information on the phone to third parties in another language, etc.)

IV. Continuous improvement

The findings from the feedback chain are consistently relayed back to all involved, sometimes accompanied by measures for improvement. The feedback relates to:

  1. Substantive quality
  2. Organisation (logistics, documentation, efficiency)
  3. Communication (customer friendliness, clarity, completeness)
  4. Client focus in general