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What is WPML?

Do you have a WordPress website? And do you wish to provide your international business relations with a fast service? If so, WPML is the answer. WPML is one of the most frequently used translation plugins for WordPress throughout the world. This plugin enables you to automatically export your website content. WPML offers a world of difference in terms of handling, costs, ease of use, speed, and efficiency. AVANTI uses the WPML plugin to place high-quality translations directly on to your website.

Free screening

With WPML, you can have your website texts translated quickly and efficiently by Avanti. Is your website suitable for the use of WPML technology? WPML will scan your website free of charge and make any appropriate technical changes. For more information, click here or contact us direct.

No WPML plugin yet?


AVANTI Language Services has been supplying specialist, customised translations to customers throughout the world for the past 25 years. We have specialists for translations in your field, and in any language combination you require; professionals in their own right who will make a perfect translation of your text. 

Triple ISO certification

You expect impeccable quality from your translation agency – after all, your translations are your business card. The triple ISO certification awarded to Avanti – 17100, 9001 and 18587 – guarantees you this level of quality.

100% satisfaction

Avanti is an Official WPML Translation Partner which offers you great value for money. Our work also comes with an unconditional 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

Native speakers

You are assured of a high-quality translation because we work only with native speakers – specialists in the field who speak the language you require as their mother tongue.

Offer sent within 1 hour

Unique: we will send you an offer within 1 hour. You can even calculate the cost of your translation yourself using our calculator. Which means that you can instantly see how much discount you will benefit from!

How it works


Request a free activation code

Do you already have the WPML plugin? If so, fill in your details in the form below. We will send you an activation code (token) within a day.


Input your activation code in WPML

You will receive the activation code by e-mail. You should input this code into the WPML plugin under the heading Translation Management.


Select the pages for translation 

Select the pages you want to be translated and the required languages. Your text will be exported to us automatically.


Offer accepted: translation immediately placed on your website 

Once we receive notification we immediately get to work. As soon as you accept our offer, the translation will be directly placed on your website in the existing format via WPML.

What will it cost?

Interested to find out what a WPML translation will cost you? We have some good news. Our charging rates have been permanently reduced. Use our handy calculator to find out the cost right away.

What if you don’t know the number of words? It’s simple to find out using this WPML function. It couldn’t be easier.

Down to business!

Are you interested in the AVANTI translation services? If so, contact us via the form below. If you have a WPML plugin we will send you free of charge a token (activation code) so that you can share your content with AVANTI to receive an offer or a translation.

    Yes, I would like to receive a free WPML token to be able to easily share my WordPress website with AVANTI!