When we tell our clients that we have been awarded ISO certification the usual response is ‘That must be ISO 9001?’, since this is the more well-known standard. But it is not the most specific standard for our business sector: ISO 17100 is the standard that has been developed for, and may only be used by, translation service providers (‘TSPs’).

And, yes, Avanti has been awarded ISO 17100.

These two standards are not the same

ISO 17100 goes further than the general parameters governing business procedures, quality systems and data protection as set out in ISO 9001, by defining the substantive issues specific to translation agencies. It includes, for example, criteria for the selection of qualified translators, correctors and editors, guidelines for the first and second revisions of translations, the architecture and management of translation memories, and other sector-specific issues.

The result is a standard that, whilst imposing stringent requirements on TSPs, guarantees top quality. An organisation awarded the 9001 certificate must certainly have implemented procedures to ensure its efficiency, reliability and security. For a translation agency, this forms an excellent basis. But to ensure that the product you have purchased has been processed and checked by qualified professionals at every stage – professionals engaged, moreover, to meet your specific requirements – you can place more reliance on a TPS with the 17100 certification.

Who is certified?

Translation service providers that are ISO 17100 certified are a rare phenomenon. It is not every translation agency that can meet these stringent requirements.

Fortunately for you, you have found an agency that does! A translation agency that supplies you with accurate, fluent and elegant translations, with precisely the right tone, thanks to the specialism of our translators and editors in fields including law, accountancy and engineering. An agency that prides itself on its slogan:

‘Translators who understand your business’