CAT: Computer Aided Translation

CAT (Computer Aided Translation) will save you a lot of time and money if you need translations of frequently updated versions of existing documents, such as user manuals, legal documents, or advertising leaflets.  

This is how it works:

As each sentence from a text is being translated, it is then stored in the computer. When the same sentence reappears, either in the same document, or any other document, it is recognised by the computer and automatically translated in the same way as before.  

So, if you often use sentences, or even whole paragraphs, that are identical in different documents, you will pay for them to be translated only the one time!

Please note: the computer itself doesn’t translate anything. The CAT system only re-uses texts already translated by an experienced professional!

Consistent use of terminology

Our CAT system also includes a database in which we store lists of your preferred terminology. So, if new texts include previously used terms, the program will immediately provide the exact translation.  The translator then need only approve the suggested translation with a click of the mouse.  

This guarantees that terminology will be translated consistently in all your documents.  

All the benefits of CAT at a glance:

  • Quicker

The translator has less work to do the more that the text is automatically translated.  

  • Better

Once a translation has been approved, then stored, you can be sure it cannot ever contain errors. Furthermore, the opportunity to store terminology guarantees consistency.

  • Cheaper

You will never pay twice for the same translation. Recurring texts need only be checked the first time. This also saves time and costs.   

  • Secure

To repeat: the computer doesn’t do the translating, it just searches its memory for the same sentence, translated previously by a professional translator.

What kind of texts is CAT suitable for?

  • Manuals, instructions for use, technical specifications, etc.
  • Legal texts such as court pleadings, company articles of association, records from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, notarial deeds, contracts, etc.  
  • Financial overviews, profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, etc.
  • Advertising leaflets for similar products, annual updates of corporate descriptions, etc. 

What kind of texts do not benefit from Computer Aided Translation?

  • Very short texts
  • Texts that have been completely rewritten

Also suitable for old texts!

Do you already have a lot of translated texts? We can use our CAT program to analyse and store these for you. This enables you to profit straight away from the translations you already have, even if they haven’t been translated by us!

Start straight away!

Please contact us for further information about what CAT – Computer Aided Translation – can do for you!