A technical translation demands and deserves more than ‘merely’ an all-round professional translator. Because technical jargon in the engineering sector, for example, requires the translation skills of a native speaker engineer.  

Such expertise is essential, because many technical terms are not translatable one-for-one with the help of a dictionary. The translator needs background knowledge of context, and the difference in meaning between terms that look apparently similar.

Alongside this dynamic duo, we deploy a third set of eyes to check your translation. This is all part of our unique way of working.

This is how we translate your technical work:

We start by engaging a specialist translator. A native speaker of your target language to deliver great quality as regards both style and substance.

Then a technical expert takes over, to go through the text with the specific purpose of checking on content, especially the difficult-to-translate technical terminology.

And lastly, in the event that there is anything that slips past both these experts, the editor – our third set of eyes – will carry out a final spell check, and ensure consequential numbering and the correct entering of sums of money, etc., so that every ‘i’ is dotted and ‘t’ crossed.

The result? A perfect technical translation, thanks to the coordinated efforts of three top professionals.

A surprisingly competitive price

You can calculate the price yourself on line. You’ll be surprised by how competitive our price is.

Guaranteed quality

Only a few quality translation agencies in Europe can boast of a double ISO certification. Avanti is one of this exclusive number – certified under both 17100 and 9001 ISO standards.

So, thanks to our unique way of working, and despite our competitive pricing, we guarantee you a service of the highest quality.

What would you like translating?

We can translate all manner of legal texts for you, including:

  • Manuals
  • Product specifications
  • Safety regulations
  • Software
  • Technical brochures

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We translate technical documents for these clients:

Flamco B.V., Selmers B.V., Ambafles Manufacturing B.V., Imtech Industry International B.V., Clean Source Technologies (CST) B.V, NedTrain

Unconditional guarantee of satisfaction

The combination of translators expert both in translation work and in their field of specialisation, together with the proofreading and the Integrity Check, allows us to be 100% sure of delivering to you a perfectly-translated document. For this reason, we can give you a 100% unconditional guarantee of satisfaction.

All formats of texts

You can supply us with a text to translate in whatever format you wish:  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. Even .php files are no problem! The only time we make a small charge is for the conversion of PDF documents into a format we can work in.

Quotation within the hour!

Unique: we will supply you with a quotation within an hour of your request. You can request a quotation here right now.

But you can get an answer even faster by calculating the price yourself (see below). You can then immediately see the amount of the discount you earn!

Up to 35% discount on your technical translation work

We give volume discounts (the more words, the bigger the discount) and turnaround discounts (the longer the turnaround time you allow us, the higher the discount).

You can calculate both discounts online. The turnaround discount depends on the amount of time you give us to return the completed translation. If you give us more time, we are happy to repay this flexibility with an extra discount!

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