You have already discovered the benefits of WPML. In the Netherlands and abroad there is now a big demand for this revolutionary way to translate a website quickly and efficiently. No longer the hassle of retrieving all the texts from the site, translating them, and then putting the translations back in the right place. No longer does your website developer have to struggle with texts in languages he/she doesn’t understand (‘Where should this go?’). A WPML translation from Avanti Language Services means that your web texts are automatically selected and the translation automatically placed back. Thanks to the great success of this service, we are able to permanently reduce our prices.

Profiting from economies of scale

The more people that make use of this service, the more competitive we can make the price. Our adage is simple: if we benefit, so do you. Hence our choice of a permanent reduction of our fixed rates for WPML translations. And whereas ‘normal’ translations involve the work of three people from our firm – to translate, to perform a thorough edit, and finally to check layout and consistency of style – this is not needed for a WPML translation since the translated text will be automatically placed back into the existing layout. This also saves time. And therefore costs. Whilst ensuring you receive the same high quality.

What is a WPML translation?

For those of you not familiar with the options and benefits of a WPML translation, this is a plug-in for WordPress. It enables you to automatically select and export the content of your website. Once our expert copywriters have made the translation, it is automatically placed in the correct position on your existing website. It couldn’t be quicker or easier. It requires no technical skills and you do not have to be able to program. Nor does your website developer need to learn any Russian to know what should go where. All it requires is a click on a button.

What are the benefits of WPML?

WPML offers a world of difference in handling, costs, ease, speed, and efficiency. There are several benefits of translating your web texts using WPML:
– automatic export and import of content;
– fast and efficient;
– takes care of itself;
– fewer processes required;
– translations by our top copywriters with the same high quality as always!

And that’s why we have been able to reduce our rates!

Take advantage of our new lower rates.

Avanti Language Services is one of the few WPML accredited translation agencies in Europe and as of now, in 2019, the only such agency in the Netherlands! Why not take immediate advantage of the convenience of this service and our reduced rates? What would you pay now for such a translation? Click on the link to our WPML rates page – and calculate the costs for translating your web text. With Avanti Language Services you experience the power of innovation!

(Check out our new rates here)