Dubbele ISO

AVANTI is ISO certified. Our ISO certificate doesn’t just prove that we tick a few boxes. It is the reward for a lengthy process of inventorisation and optimisation of all our business processes.

Every certified business will have drawn up its own quality manual, setting out all facets of their business administration. You could describe this manual as the blueprint for the organisation.

For ISO 17100, which we were awarded in 2015, we also recorded all processes specifically related to our activities as a Translation Service Provider: the selection of well-qualified translators, flawless communication with clients, and the monitoring of quality at all stages of the service. Our manual is therefore not only a guide for our day-to-day tasks, it is also a pillar on which our mission statement is supported and by which we can justifiably claim to be a premium translation agency.

However … balancing on one leg is hard, as we discovered. That’s why we worked hard to earn our second certificate – ISO 9001:2015. This is one of the most prized standards, because it involves all non-sector-related aspects of business management. For example, a shoemaker may have all the processes for making shoes down to a fine art, but is his book-keeping up to scratch? Are his business premises properly secured? And how does he handle the personal data of his customers? Does he also have set procedures for constantly monitoring and improving the quality of his business?

It won’t come as a surprise to learn that very few businesses are in possession of both sector-specific certification and the much prized 9001 standard for quality systems. The few that do have both certificates are the very rare examples that stand firmly with both feet on the ground – businesses on which clients can confidently rely in every aspect.

Congratulations: you have just met one of them.