WPML VertalingenYou have spared no effort or cost in optimising your website. However, there is something missing: it is still only in one language. And many of your clients are based abroad. It takes a lot of time to extract all the text from your website and send it to your translation agency (AVANTI Language Services). And you realise there’s another problem: your web builder doesn’t speak Russian, Japanese, Italian, or Portuguese. So you’re afraid that the reproducing of your web texts in foreign languages could be strewn with errors.

The solution is a WPML translation from AVANTI Language Services.

Ground-breaking, innovative, fast, efficient, and cheaper cost. Yet with the same quality.

What is a WPML translation?

WPLM is one of the most revolutionary ways to translate your website quickly and efficiently.  WPML is a plug-in for WordPress. It enables you to automatically select your website content and send it directly to us. Our experienced copywriters will translate your text into whatever language you require, and the translated text will then be automatically placed on your existing website in just the right place. It couldn’t be quicker. And it couldn’t be easier. You don’t need any technical or programming skills. And your web builder won’t have to learn Russian. A click on a button is all it takes.

What benefits does WPML offer?

WPML offers a world of difference in handling, costs, convenience, speed and efficiency. If we translate your web texts with WPML, here are the advantages:

  • automatic export and import of content
  • fast and efficient
  • takes care of itself
  • fewer steps required, so you pay less for a WPML translation
  • translation by our top copywriters with the same quality as always!

Benefit from the speed of a WPML translation

AVANTI Language Services is one of the few WPML-accredited translation agencies in Europe and as at 2018 the only one in the Netherlands! You can benefit immediately from the convenience and lower costs involved. Check our website to learn how to install the WPML plug-in and how to benefit from the WPML translations from AVANTI. All you have to do then is to select the relevant content and the languages you require. We will receive a notification and immediately set to work.

More information about WPML?

Do you have a WordPress website? And are you searching for a translation agency that can supply you with a WPML translation? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. Or check out our website here.

You don’t yet have a WPML plug-in? Then click here and from there click on Buy WPML for AVANTI Language Services. Do you already have a WPML plug-in? Then request a free token so that you can send your content to AVANTI to request a quotation or obtain a translation.

Avanti Language Services, strong through innovation!