6-150x150‘Surely you mean four eyes’, I can hear you thinking. Actually, no. At AVANTI we ensure that every translation is carefully overseen by three pairs of eyes: by those of a translator, a corrector and an editor.

This is just one of several ways in which our agency stays ahead of the field: our fanatical focus on quality. And that’s why we can confidently offer an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction on all our translations.

It’s precisely this third pair of eyes that ensures we provide you with a perfect product. We carry out our final checks – our Integrity Check – just before we return the finished product to you. It is during this phase that we refine the tiniest details that may have slipped through the net, dot the i’s, and cross the t’s.

Our editors are trained to check every detail, the sort of things that other language professionals would usually turn their noses up at: correct numbering, the spelling of names and places, dates, sums of money, lay-out, etc. Naturally, they also conduct a thorough check of spelling.

The result is a product that – put simply – is critic-proof. A perfect translation that even the most demanding of clients will be happy with. The names of our clients – of national and international repute – are an irrefutable testament to these claims.

Have you in the past been to an agency that has proudly offered you a translation looked at by just four eyes? Now you know better!

Welcome to AVANTI.