Avanti is performing well. We are regularly tapping into new markets and finding new partners. Over recent years we have created a number of strategic alliances with other translation agencies in the Netherlands and abroad. Last year, for example, we merged with Fides Vertaalservice. And even now, whilst many businesses are having to fight for their very existence, we are continuing to grow. For that, we have to thank our clients for their continued trust in us, but also – if we may say so – we should acknowledge our own uncompromising efforts to always remain deserving of such trust.

Economies of scale have consequences. For the client, these are not always positive benefits. Sometimes you may hear, for example, that your regular contact person will no longer perform the same function, so that from then on you will keep getting a different voice on the line. Or you will be notified of a new invoicing system, or that the terms of a guarantee have been amended.

There are also consequences for Avanti. However, these are consequences that are entirely to the benefit of you, our client. For example, the fact that we have an ever growing network to rely on means that we can always carry out your instructions. Not only that, but turnaround times can be shortened, which means that your translation work will often be returned faster than usual. And now we can offer even more specialist fields of translation than before. We are now able to add, for example, medical translations to our range of expertise.

However, the biggest benefit is naturally cost. Economies of scale ensure that costs are lowered. And our philosophy is simple: if we benefit, so should you. That’s why as from 1 January 2021 we are permanently reducing all charging rates.

What about quality?
Fortunately some things will never change. You are no doubt thinking ‘But that’s what they all say’ – and understandably so. That’s why our quality is regularly checked by external auditors. And we are quite proud of the fact that we are probably the only translation agency in the Netherlands with three ISO certificates.
We will continue to carefully nurture all the strengths for which you value Avanti: the three pairs of eyes principle; experts in the field to revise the texts; native speakers who live in the country where the target language is spoken. And, last but not least, our personal service: you won’t suddenly be confronted by a new voice at the end of the line.

These are the ingredients that, combined together, form our unconditional guarantee of satisfaction. Your guarantee of a reliable partner that stands 100% behind every translation it delivers to you. So that you get exactly what you expected.

This is our commitment to you, and to all our loyal clients, who are enabling us to grow in this way. We cordially invite you to share in the benefits of this journey together.