As a regular customer you will know that over recent years Avanti has invested considerably in improving quality.

We make sure that before a translation is returned to you it has been worked on by three people (our ‘three pairs of eyes’ principle). Where the subject matter requires, we use specialists in the field: trained lawyers to translate legal work, tax experts to translate financial texts, and engineers for technical work. We check the layout and consistency of style. The high standard we have achieved has been rewarded with a double ISO certification. So far as quality is concerned, you can be assured that nothing will change.

What will change, however, is the investment required by you for a professional translation of this standard. Our fixed rates will be substantially reduced, with no reduction in quality. The reason we can afford to do this is that business is blooming for Avanti. You know how it works: scaling up enables cost reductions for us, which we can pass on to you. As we like to say: when we do well, so do you.

In addition, we have formed collaborations with a number of translation agencies abroad, especially in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. This means we can also offer these languages at lower rates. Our new partners are also ISO certified and – like us – only work with specialists in the relevant fields. Quality assured.

What we have told you in the past still holds true: translations are a valuable product. You will continue to receive from us a valuable product, since the smooth running of your communications with customers, suppliers, and business relations is a valuable asset. It’s important that they understand you completely, that they find your message and manner of communication appealing, and that the correct terminology is used in their language. This level of care reflects on your business. It signifies that you pay attention to how you communicate with commercial relations. We guarantee you this continued level of care. The only difference is that thanks to investments by Avanti in its own business, you are ensured of a valuable product but at a lower cost to you. You’re welcome!

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